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We’ve secured editorial coverage in hundreds of outlets, ranging from local weeklies to trade publications to national newspapers, TV and radio broadcast programs and online news.

Below is a small sampling of media placements we’ve landed for past clients:





Show & Tell

 PR vs Advertising

Studies show it requires repeated exposure to a new idea or product in order to capture even the most fleeting attention from today’s inundated audiences. Advertising is one way to get out there – you can control the message and the timing. It’s also expensive, and this nation of practiced media consumers has learned to tune out the relentless barrage of ads that pour from every medium.

The goal of a successful PR program is to get your product into a print, online or broadcast outlet via the editorial duct. People trust that products touted in an article have been vetted by a third party, i.e., the editorial staff.

This editorial coverage carries more weight with the audience and is an invaluable method for building visibility. You’re not buying space to promote your product or service – it must be earned.

Earning space in a news or feature requires a deft combination of research, thorough preparation and responsiveness, a close eye on news tends and cycles, and a grasp of how your story angle fits into the bigger picture.

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