The Media Owls principals bring several years’ combined expertise in journalism, event management, public relations and marketing communications.

Our longstanding relationships with editors representing the full range of today’s media world -- regional and national magazines & newspapers, wire services, trade publications, TV and radio – are built on respect, accountability and responsiveness.

Media Owls chooses clients with care and only serves those brands for which we feel true passion.

Dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm for your brand imbues every editorial exchange, engaging the press and securing coverage where it matters most to your brand.



Before branching out on their own, the Owls sharpened their skills while working with some of the best minds in the business. Agency life and other communications roles gave them heaps of opportunities to learn and contribute to great PR programs.

They've worked with a variety of companies, including:

Consumer: Quel Objet, Peeled Snacks, Burgerville, Suedy’s Kooki Sushi, Shellies Jellies, Little Showoffs, Weddingish, Swank Martini, Zerran, Wandering Star, Buzzledom, Jake’s BBQ, Essential Bodywear, Securita, UrbanBaby, Eat My Words, OhMiBod, Union Dental Health, Splash Jewelry, Shades Cases, Sidecar Slings, Sydney’s Closet, Pink Blossom, Fairway Girl

Technology: Dorado, Quova, Panasas, Tablus, Pagoo, New Boundary, Cambrios, SiGNa Chemistry, Inviso, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Kazoo Software, DSC Communications

Nonprofit / Higher Education: Altru Health System, University of North Dakota Foundation, Brainy Bunch, Upper Grant Street Art Festival, Los Gato-Union High School District

Trade Shows & Event Planning PR: Sky Bay Exhibits, SackSitters

Professional Photography: Sunset Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, San Jose Mercury, Better Homes & Gardens, Meredith Newspapers (13 Bay Area weeklies)

  Why Owls ?

“The mighty owl peers with focused intent into the crepuscular dusk as the vestigial yellow of day slowly fades. A soft noiseless descent; the owl bears unswerving toward its target…”

Uh, actually we just like owls and think they’re very cool birds.

Without pushing the metaphorical envelope too far, we aspire to the same calm determination, graceful ferocity, and wisdom that owls evoke.
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